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Case Studies

Case Study #32
Customized an exisiting application to meet the specific needs of a large corporation.

Case Study #40
Helped start-up company get a new product from concept to delivery.

Case Study #35
Created a MAC driver for major camera companies digital picture printer.

Scanning Articles


National Instruments LabView

Do you have a scientific or engineering application you need code written for? Do you have an excellent way to collect your data, but no way to effectively analyze or present your results? Do you need prototypes developed, without the time and expense of building a physical model for each iteration, or an automated test environment that can be constantly updated in response to changing conditions?

With National Instruments LabView, JetsoftDevelopment can create a program to collect, analyze and display your data, for any type scientific or engineering application.


"Without question this project took a lot longer than any of us ever thought it would ... Yet despite everything you honored your agreement and in today’s world I believe you should be commended as a true professional and an honorable businessman... [I]f and when the opportunity arises and we are in need of custom programming we will not hesitate to call upon you again."
David Brooks - Brooks Litho & Digital Group

"We delivered them an incomplete specification and Jetsoft was still able complete the project on time without a hitch."
Chris Kemmerer - Manager, Engineering and Development - Olympus Imaging America Inc.