Portfolio (Websites)

Here is a sample of some of the work we have done on the web recently. Click on the thumbnails to visit the corresponding page. Features listed below are not necessarily specific to that job. We can customize anything to fit your needs.

Custom Websites

Jeco Music (PHP/Javascript)
Jeco Music Libraries     Jeco Music Libraries Search & Browse

Jeco Music has a full-featured website that showcases their vast music library. Music samples can be searched for using several different and powerful methods. Tracks can be played directly through the browser. Once signed in, users can download tracks or add them to their 'bin' (which is a shopping cart-like system) so they can download all selected tracks all at once.


  • Customizable Search Pages With Dynamic Pop-Out Menus and Detailed Information on Tracks
  • Shopping Cart-Like 'Bin' System - Keep All Items Until Ready to Checkout or Add to One Downloadable ZIP File
  • MySQL Database Back-end That Keeps All Content Data and User Account Information
  • Powerful Administrator Tools to Allow Adding/Editing/Removing of Tracks and Other Data
  • Pages With Integrated Flash Animations
  • Listen to MP3 Track Samples Directly Through Your Web Browser
  • Contact Page Which Sends Automated Emails
  • Suggestion Box
  • ...And Much More!

Scott Lange
Scott Lange

Scott Lange is a professional announcer/narrator/character who had a need of a portfolio/resume website. We customized a website for him that showcases his talent through various ways on the website. Audio samples can be heard throughout navigation, as well as being requested through a form on the site.



  • Audio Samples Included on Website
  • Contact Page
  • Order Page

CMS Projects

Turpin Hills Swim Club
Turpin Hills Swim Club     Turpin Hills Swim Club Calendar

Turpin Hills Swim Club is a private club that needed a website to display current and upcoming events, membership information and important announcements. This information also has to be updated frequently, so it is important that this information be updated easily. This puts our CMS into good use, as the user can update content on the website with a click of a button.


  • Membership / Members Only Section
  • Waiting List
  • Customizable Calendar of Events
  • ...And Much More!

Online eShop Integration


Formana is a company who sells forestry management software to businesses. They needed a store front through which they can sell this software online. This store provides the ability to create digital downloads after purchase of a product and is also tied in with their activation system. Custom modifications automatically send product registration keys after payment has been received.


  • Full Integration of eShop
  • Customize Your Products
  • Coupon System
  • Use Almost Any Payment Method
  • Adjustable Shipping Rates
  • Integrated With a Custom Activation System


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